3 Disgusting Truths That Your Hotel Will Never Tell You

Everyone knows that hotels (even 5 star ones) are not the cleanest places in the world, but few people realize just how bad it is. In this article, past employees at well-known hotels share their personal experiences with just how dirty hotels can be.


1. Almost every inch of the hotel room has been used as for sex


You can bet that every square inch of the room has already been ravaged.

Porn gets filmed in our hotel rooms all the time. During one of the porn shoots, one of the female actors jumped or fell to her death from a small balcony.

In true Hollywood “the show must go on” fashion, no one bothered to even call the front desk or stop filming. In a 500 room, sold-out hotel, with no identification on her, there was no instantaneous way to know which room she came from, or if she was even a guest in the hotel. We were only 16 floors, but we had so many jumpers, we stopped telling guests who would call and ask, how many floors we had. 

The cleaning crew has probably done it on the bed you’re currently occupying and then just straightened the sheets and walked away.

In fact, all soft furnishings, including the couch, ottoman, and chairs have been used for sex and not just by hotel employees!

Prostitutes and call girls are allowed in almost all hotels. So you actually don’t know how many people have actually done it on the very bed that you are going to sleep on! The best way is to ask for a change of sheets the moment you check in.

Adult film productions were the rudest, most awful, foul, disrespectful people you could ever come across in your lifetime. They would call the front desk and want specific dimensions of every single item in the room. Exact amount of floor space, the dimensions of the bed, the end tables, the desk, each chair, how many chairs, the tv, the tv table, the floor in the bathroom, the tub, the toilet, the bathroom counter, the windows, the curtains, the balcony.

This all of course, without booking a room. Since each room had different decor, they would want to be on the phone for hours while you detailed every single room and each piece of furniture in it. They would ask for adjoining rooms and check in after business hours as they often used fake, maxed out or stolen credit cards.

They could care less about other guests and if they were on a non-smoking floor you would have 10–15 crew members chain smoking all night on that floor. Porn was made on everything! Every inch, every surface was used!!!

2. The rooms might look very clean, but…they are not.

Your hotel room might not look this dirty, but it is.

Here’s my bath robe from my last hotel room. My ‘clean’ room with ‘fresh’ laundry. That is human faeces. I won’t say where but the lesson is, check all laundry!

Blankets and bedspreads are almost never washed. When a housekeeper has 30 minutes to clean a room, there is not really time to run down to the laundry room and exchange the blanket or the bedspread. Moreover, many hotels do not even have extra bedspreads that are kept clean and could be used as an exchange.

When someone urinates on a bed, sometimes the mattress is just left standing to vent out and dry overnight, and then put back upside down. Yes, it is disgusting.

Deaths – where I worked, there were MANY. Overdoses were the most common (yes, employees made this list). Not far behind were suicides.

Booze, drugs, love, and money existed there in droves and every one of these things can drive a person mad and coerce him/her into making that impulsive final decision. Obviously, accidents happened as well. The real kicker in all of these situations is that they NEVER made the news.

3. Pools and hot tubs are the nastiest places in a hotel

This is the disgusting water from pool and hot tub cleanings.

Stay out of the pool and hot tubs. People have peed, had sex and masturbated in there. When hotel staff clean these, all kinds of oily, gooey gunk comes out and even they’re afraid to touch it!

Stay. Out. Of. The. Water. Especially Spas (hot tubs). People have sex in the spas. When they drain them they reverse the jets and all kinds of oily gunk comes out. The maintenance guys balancing the water are hesitant to even touch it.

All quotes are comments taken from Quora: https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-things-hotel-staff-wont-tell-you