Beer Pong (Drinking Game)


To succeed at Beer Pong you will need the perfect combination of skill, trash talk, and drinking prowess.


  • 12 red solo cups.
  • 2 ping pong balls (2 extras are recommended as people tend to step on the ping pong balls as they become more intoxicated).
  • Table (preferably a ping pong table or something around the same dimensions).

Number of Players: 4 (2 on 2)


1. Place six cups on each end of a table in tight triangle formations with rims touching, like racks of pool balls.

2. Each cup triangle should be centered along the back edge of the table.

3. Fill each cup in play with at least 1/3 of beer.

beer pong rack dimensions

How to set up a beer pong table.

Beer Pong

How much beer to use for each cup.


1. To determine which team starts, do rock-paper-scissors or “eye-to-eye” (sinking a ball in the opposing team’s cup without breaking eye contact).

2. Each team takes turns throwing ping pong balls into the opponent’s cups.

4. Each team gets two shots per turn, at least one shot per team member.

5. After each shot, any cup that a ball lands in is removed from the formation, and players from the receiving team take turns drinking the beer in the cup.

6. The teams can elect to have their opponent’s cups re-racked into various formations. Official rules specify re-racking when there are three cups left. The team requesting the re-rack can determine the formation. Two common re-rack formations are shown below.

Beer Pong

Sample re-rack formation 1

Beer Pong

Sample re-rack formation 2

7. The first team to sink shots in all of the opposing team’s cups wins the game.

Additional Rules:

1. Defense: The receiving team can defend their opponents’ shots only after they make first contact with a cup. If a cup gets knocked over during the defense, it is considered the same as the ping pong ball landing in that cup.

2. Bouncers: Each successful bounce shot counts for two cups. Bounce shots can be defended by the receiving team. As long as the ball bounces off the table first, the receiving team can catch or swat it away before it lands in a cup.

3. Throwbacks: If both members of a team make their shots, they each get another throw.

4. Rebounds: If a shot hits a cup and rebounds back to the team that shot it, the player that shot it can attempt a behind-the-back shot (or other “trick” shots such as bouncing it off the wall) with it.

5. Borrowed Time: Once a team makes a shot in their final cup, the other team is given one last chance to tie it up with a rebuttal. If they successfully land balls in all of their remaining cups, without missing, the two teams enter sudden death (see #6).

6. Sudden Death: A single cup is placed on each side of the table. The team that made a successful rebuttal goes second. The teams take turns as normal, and the first team to make a shot wins.