BOAT Racing (Drinking Game)


Beers on a table (BOAT) racing is a true test of your drinking ability. If you can chug beer quickly and hold your alcohol, then you will be a pro at this game.


  • A table.
  • 2 cups per person.
  • Beer.

Number of Players: 2 – unlimited


1. Divide the players into two teams.

2. Each player will 2 cups in front of them filled with beer. The amount of beer can be decided between the two teams. Usually, there should be at least 1/3 of a can of beer in each cup.

3. Each team will line up along one side of the table. Check out the image below for an example of how to setup a 3v3 game of BOAT racing.

Boat Racing Drinking Game Setup

BOAT Racing Setup


1. The first person on each team chugs their first cup of beer, and places the empty cup face down on the table.

2. The next person on the team can start chugging their first cup of beer.

3. Continue down the line until you get to the last person on your team, who must chug both cups of beers sequentially.

4. Continue back up the line with each team member finishing their second cup of beer. Check out the image below for an example for the order that the cups of beer should be consumed in.

Boat Racing Drinking Game

BOAT Racing Drinking Order

5. The first team to drink all of their beer wins.

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