Caps (Drinking Game)


Caps is a a game of skill that involves shooting a beer bottle cap into a cup. If you sink the shot, the other team has to suffer and take a drink!

Caps drinking game

This may be what your vision looks like after a few games of Caps.


  • A red solo cup.
  • Lots of beer.
  • Two beer bottle caps.

Number of Players: 4 – unlimited


1. Divide the players into two teams.

2. Place the red solo cup in the middle between the two teams.

Caps Drinking Game

The cup must be at least 1 meter from each team.

3. The cup should be at least 1 meter (about 40 inches) from each team.


1. The teams take alternating turns trying to toss a beer bottle cap into the red solo cup.

2. If a shot is made, everyone on the opposing team must take a drink.

3. Each team must rotate the shooter every turn. A player may not shoot again until everyone else on their team has shot.