Flip Cup (Drinking Game)


Flip cup is one of the best drinking games ever invented. It’s a beautiful combination of coordination, drinking ability, and teamwork. We recommend practicing flipping a red solo cup a few times before your first game to avoid embarrassing yourself!

flip cup drinking game

Flip cup takes even more skill than this.


  • Red solo cups
  • Beers or coolers
  • Table

Number of Players: 1 – unlimited


1. Divide the players into two teams. If there is an odd number of players, someone on the team with less players will have to go twice.

2. Each team will be lined up on one side of the table.

Flip-cup setup

3. Traditionally, the cups are filled up to about 1/4.

How much beer should you use for flip-cup?


1. The players on each team will sequentially chug their drink, place the cup on the edge of the table, and try to flip it such that the cup lands facing down.

How to flip cup

How you should flip the cup.

2. The next player on the team has to wait until the player before them has successfully consumed the drink and flipped their cup before they can start drinking.

3. The team that flips all of their cups first wins.