Grizzly Maul (Drinking Game)

Be warned that this game is not an easy one. Should you choose to accept this challenge, we recommend you cancel any plans you have the rest of the day as well as next morning. We can almost guarantee that you will feel like a grizzly mauled you.


  • A pint glass.
  • A six pack of beer.
  • A bottle of vodka.
  • A shot glass.
Grizzly Paw Drinking Game

Even this bear passed out after a few rounds.

Number of Players: 4 – 8


1. Fill the pint glass with beer.

2. Have the shot glass, vodka, and beer accessible to everyone.



1. The first player takes a drink from the pint of beer.

2. After the first player has taken his drink, replace the amount of the consumed beer with vodka.

3. Pass the pint glass to the next player who then takes a drink. Again, replace the amount consumed with pure vodka.

4. Repeat until everyone has had a drink from the pint glass. This is the end of the round.

5. The next round is the same, but you replace the consumed alcohol with beer.

6. Alternate between the two rounds until someone gives up.