Medusa (Drinking Game)


Medusa will get you drunk. Fast. This game is best played at the beginning of the night to get your buzz on.


  • A table full of shots.
  • A good rule of thumb for the number of shots is 3X the amount of players.
  • One full drink per person.
Medusa Drinking Game

You will need a table full of shots.

Number of Players: 3 – unlimited


1. All the players sit around the table that is covered with shots.

2. Make sure that every player is visible to each other.


1. Begin the game with each player looking down and covering their eyes.

2. On the count of three, everyone looks up and looks at another player.

3. If you and another player are looking at each other, both of you have to take a shot.

4. If no one is looking at each other, then everyone takes a sip from their drink.

5. Repeat until there are no shots left on the table.

6. The person who had to do the most amount of shots during the game has to finish their drink.