People Still Believe the Earth is Flat!

Can you believe that it is the 21st century and there are still people who think the earth is flat? According to these “flat-earthers”, Antarctica is an ice wall that holds the oceans in. It is said that NASA employees guard this wall to prevent people from going over and falling off the earth. Also, the sky is a glass dome and the sun is actually only a few thousand miles from Earth.


Flat earthers

Map of the fat earth with Antarctic ice wall / Image Credit:

Naturally, the claim that the Earth is flat raises some serious questions about that things that we see and feel everyday. Check out the answers offered by the society of flat-earthers below!

How does gravity work?

The society believes that the flat earth is accelerating upwards at a rate of 9.8 meters per second squared, and this is what causes gravity. There is debate within the flat earth society regarding whether the earth’s velocity will eventually exceed the speed of light due to this constant acceleration. If it does, then it will violate one of the pillars of modern physics and prove Einstein wrong. What causes this acceleration? Apparently it’s a blanket of dark energy.

What do flat-earthers think of the sun and the moon?

This was an easy explanation by the society. The sun and moon are spheres (about 51km in diameter) that hover in circles roughly 4,800km above the earth. They illuminate different areas of the earth like spotlights in a 24 hour cycle. What about eclipses? It is claimed that there is an “anti-moon” that blocks out the real moon during eclipses.

flat earthers

Is the moon like a spotlight?

What do flat-earthers think of rocket ships?

Apparently, rocket ships offer one of the most concrete pieces of evidence that the earth is indeed flat and is covered by a glass dome. Why is this?

During the launch, a rocket travels straight up. However, in this orientation the force of gravity is acting directly against the thrust produced by the rocket. This is the reason that the rocket ship will curve its trajectory as it gains altitude. It is a great way for the rocket to save on fuel.

Flat earth

Apparent proof that the sky is a glass dome. / Image Credit:

When viewed from the ground, it looks like the rocket ship is hugging the curvature of a glass dome. Flat-earthers regularly present this as evidence that the sky is clearly covered by a dome.

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