Quarters (Drinking Game)


Quarters is a classic drinking game that involves players bouncing a quarter off a table in an attempt to have the quarter land in a glass. It takes a certain amount of coordination, and is best played as part of a pre-drink. Below is photographic evidence of what can happen when this game is played at 2AM when everyone is overly intoxicated and thinks they can “laser beam” the quarter into the glass.

What happens when people play quarters when they’re too intoxicated.


  • A hard surface such as a table, kitchen counter, or floor.
  • Glass.

Number of Players: 2 – unlimited


1. Put the glass on the hard surface.

2. All players gather around the glass, and take turns one at a time.


1. Each player tries to bounce the quarter off the hard surface and into the glass.

2. If successful, the player that bounced the quarter into the glass can tell any other player to have a drink; and also gets another turn.

3. If the player fails, the quarter passes to the next player in the circle.

How to play quarters

How to play quarters.

Additional Rules:

1. If a player make three bounces in a row, this player may make a rule. If the rule is broken, the rule breaker needs to take a drink

2. If a player misses, they may “chance” for another attempt. If the player makes the chance attempt, things proceed as if it were a normal turn. However, if the chance attempt fails, that player must take two drinks.