Sip or Strip (Drinking Game)


This racy drinking game presents the players with two choices: 1) get drunk or 2) get naked. What else can you ask for?

Sip or Strip Drinking Game

This game will turn up the heat. FAST.


  • A coin.
  • Hard liquor.
  • Shot glass.

Number of Players: 2 – unlimited


1. Bring all of the required equipment and get comfortable.


1. Each player takes turns flipping the coin, and calling heads/tails while the coin is still in the air.

2. If the player guesses correctly, then they pass the coin to their left for the next player to go.

3. If the player guesses wrong, then they must either take a shot or remove a piece of clothing.

4. A player may not choose the same option three times in a row. This prevents the players from continuously taking shots without stripping.

5. The game ends when one of the players is completely naked.